Venture Capital in Canada

Venture capital is a form of financing whereby investors offer funds to small-sized businesses and start-ups in exchange for equity. In Canada, there are major capital venture companies such as GTI Capital, Envoy Capital Management, BMO Equity Partners.


Venture capital firms offer different types of financing, including equity capital, mezzanine financing, junior capital, and others. Some firms offer financing to early stage companies while others focus on established businesses. There are firms that also offer advisory and consulting services, transition and growth capital, and growth equity. Many businesses apply for technology or start-up financing or need money to buy equipment or business, secure working capital, transfer a business, or invest in real estate. Junior capital, for example, is a form of debt capital and a way to raise funds. Mezzanine financing, on the other hand, combines equity financing and debt in exchange for equity. More on ventures and investing you can find here.

Venture Capital Firms in Canada

Major companies operate across Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and elsewhere. Top companies include Dancap Private Equity Inc., Axia Capital Corp, and Tech Capital Partners, to name a few. Dancap Private Equity Inc. is a family office that offers a wealth of specialized services such as succession planning, investment education, travel, family governance, and a lot more. The company also specializes in direct investments and offers funding to companies that have a detailed and sound business plan. Only profitable businesses with an annual revenue of $10 million or more qualify. Axia Capital Corp is also a Canadian investment firm that offers funding to entrepreneurs, owner managed businesses, and divisions of major companies. The portfolio of Axia Capital includes businesses such as Segue Manufacturing Services, Network Vision, Innovative Pressure Technologies, and others. The firm offers financing to companies operating in target industries such as industrial capital equipment, instrumentation and sensors, controls, robotics, and laboratory automation, and others. Tech Capital Partners is another investment firm that offers advisory, contacts, and financing and hands-on experience and assistance. The company’s portfolio includes businesses such as PostRank, Covarity, Ecobee, DiscStream Incorporated.

Yaletown Venture Partners

Yaletown Venture Partners is an investment firm with a focus on emerging-growth tech businesses that help improve productivity and efficiency. The company invests in start-up accelerators, financial management and personal banking firms, machine learning platforms, businesses specializing in CT image and MRI analysis, and many others. Its portfolio includes companies such as Thelus Corporation, Redlen Technologies, Bitstew Systems, Columbia Green Technologies.

CAI Capital Management

CAI Capital Management Co. is a major Canadian investment firm that offers financing to lower middle-market businesses operating in the U.S. and Canada. With offices located in New York and Vancouver, the firm invests in companies across different industries to support corporate transition and growth. CAI Capital Management Co. invests in companies that work in the field of education, healthcare services, energy, manufacturing, geotechnical maintenance services, repair services, etc. Its portfolio includes businesses such as CSAT Solutions, White House Design, Canadian Heating Products, and Javelin Technologies. Other top venture capital firms in Canada include Vancity Capital Corporation, Mosaic Venture Partners, HDL Capital Corporation.

Major Top Portfolio Venture Capital Firms

Major top portfolio players in Canada include White Star Capital, Omers Ventures, and Georgian Partners. White Star Capital, for example, invests in businesses such as Dollar Shave Club, Salesfloor, and Borrowell. Find more here and here.

Niches and New Technologies

Some venture capital firms fund businesses in niches such as rewards marketing, eco technologies, big data platforms and process automation, care coordination software, and others. Other niches that have a good potential include customer identity management, multiscreen video advertisements, intelligent systems, and many others.

Canadian Start-ups

There is a host of interesting start-ups such as KAI Innovations, Cluep, Strawhouse, TrackTik, Managed Sales Pros, and many others. Start-ups work in different sectors and industries, including marketing and media, consumer services, financial services, telecommunications, and software.

KAI Innovations and Electronic Record Systems

Headquartered in Whitby, Ontario, KAI Innovations features innovative solutions, including pediatric personal health record and electronic medical record systems. The electronic medical record system offers multiple benefits as it helps to reduce errors and improve efficiency. The system enables patients to access hospital reports, lab tests, and other information. The pediatric personal health record system is an innovative solution for private clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. The system enables healthcare providers and pediatricians to transfer copies of medical information such as adverse reactions and allergies, treatments and medications, lab results, and immunizations. Pediatricians can transfer information such as reports, upcoming appointments, and clinic notes as well as past health and family history, personal history, and risk factors.

Cluep to Target Potential Customers

Founded in 2012, Cluep is a Canadian mobile ad platform that was founded by Sobi Walia, Anton Mamonov, and Karan Walia, aged 17, 16, and 21. The company uses facial recognition and real-time targeting based on location, ethnicity, gender, age, feelings, and social media conversations. Cluep has more than 20 employees and has launched campaigns in 5 countries, including India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The company has offices in different countries, including India, the U.S., and Canada and offers services to businesses in different sectors, including automotive, quick service restaurants, retail and entertainment.

TrackTik for Security Firms and Corporate Clients

TrackTik is a Canadian company, workforce management solution, and innovative platform that combines software and security. This is a software for tracking, payroll, guard scheduling, incident reporting, and a lot more. The back office suite has many functionalities, including accounting and payroll integrations, business intelligence, invoicing and contracting, and attendance and scheduling. The guard suite also features multiple functionalities such as client portal, live dashboard, automated report distribution, and trends and analytics. Other functionalities include dynamic tracking, reinforced protocols, route optimization, and guarding toolbox. The guarding toolbox, for example, helps security firms to monitor how guards react and handle interventions. Route optimization helps save time, reassign tasks, improve efficiency, and monitor progress and task completion. The client portal is also a useful functionality to check historical data, find analytic reports, and follow trends. The portal features a multi-location dashboard. In addition, TrackTik features handy functionalities such as the incident analytic dashboard, customized reporting, and automated weekly, daily, and shift reports for ease and convenience. There are multiple benefits for security firms, among which improved efficiency and accountability, less paperwork and administrative work, monitoring of operations, business intelligence, improved security, and a lot more. TrackTik also serves corporate clients and offers front-line security service and in-house security teams.

Other interesting Canadian start-ups include Nova Scotia Spirit Co, Squeeze Studio Animation, Oaple Forest Products, Smart Employee Benefits, Cargo County Group, and more.